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2002-08-11 16:47:55


--John P. Walters Sr., USA

2002-08-11 16:46:49

"My tour of duty aboard the "Cubby" was in 1956 and 1957. Our home port was in Norfolk, VA and involved in many exercises up and down the East Coast. We were also frequent visitors to Cuba. It was very interesting to see mentioned some of the ole shipmates. The skipper, LCDR Dietzen, was known to be an Admiral and was assigned to the Pentagon in the early 70's. This is an excellent article on the USS Cubera and the pictures bring back old memories. My rating was RM2, Horace Lewis was the Lead Radioman. I recall that my bunk was located in the forward torpedo room, above one of the torpedos. "

--Sam Tarr, Warrenton VA USA

2002-08-11 16:44:53

"I was on the Cubera from July 1952 to December 1955 in the engine room and auxillary man. One letter talked about Stanley Drogos. Stanley served on the Cubera when I did. Like to hear from the crew. Roland Hall. "

--Roland Hall, Saint Marys WV USA

2002-08-11 16:43:13

"I spent 4 years on board as a 3rd class Communications electrician 1955 to 1959. Last I had heard it was sold to South America."

--George Shanley, Bardonia NY USA

2002-08-11 16:41:29

"I was aboard the cubera when I was a student at the fleet sonar school in key west. I had a great time, wish I could do it again."

--C. Lemont, Waltham MA USA

2002-08-11 16:40:28

"Found an old picture of this sub that was mildewed badly in the basement of a log home we bought. It was a photo of this sub with the now deceased previous owner, Stanley Drogos [name on it]."

--D. McDowell, PA USA

2002-08-11 16:38:44

"I am hoping that there is someone out there who remembers my Uncle. His name is Edward Petersen. He was an Electricians Mate on the Cubera around '62 and on. I am desperate to find him. He is my only (hopefully) living relative. I have not seen or heard from him since I was 5 years old. Please, if any one has any information about him, email me. Thank you in advance."

--Pam Peters Ellison, Orlando FL USA

2002-08-11 16:36:29

"Cubera was my first submarine. Was aboard 62/63 most of the time in the yards."

--Earnest (M McCoy RMC(SS), Ladson SC USA

2002-08-11 16:29:51

"Just wonder if all Cubby Bear Xes broke their fingers? Also I was wondering what ever happend to Bundy , the poor guy that got so seasick in that bad storm,last thing I heard he was to get a medical discharge. DBF Cheese"

--Ray Cheesbrough, Long Beach CA USA

2002-08-11 16:28:17

"Very nice log! I just found it. Please forgive a visitor from the wardroom. I've enjoyed reading the comments by those of you with whom I sailed aboard Cubbybear. I served there from January 1962 until February 1965. Joe Sartori stirred a couple of my old memories. While on watch as the OOD on the surface, I broke three bones in my right foot during the big storm (in 1962) he described. Later (in 1964), as the last man on the main deck forward, I was nearly washed over the side when the sea picked up and caused us to stop the refueling underway from the carrier Randolph (CVS-15). I would enjoy hearing from any of you. I stay away from home for long periods (usually a month or two at a time). If I don't answer, please know I missed your message but did not ignore it. Best wishes to each of you! Doc (D.B.) Rushing."

--Doc Rushing, Fort Wayne IN USA

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